Bulls May Retain Boylen, Dave Wills Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 7-31-20)

On today’s show, I address the Bulls’ decision to likely retain Jim Boylen for the upcoming NBA season. I also catch up with Dave Wills, radio voice of the Tampa Bay Rays! We discuss his adjustment to calling games during COVID-19, and being at the ballpark without fans. We also talk about the Joe Kelly suspension, and what it means for the game moving forward. Later in the show, Dave previews the Rays’ 2020 season, plus ranks his favorite Chicago restaurants in a game of “Start, Bench, and Cut!”

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One thought on “Bulls May Retain Boylen, Dave Wills Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 7-31-20)

  1. Jon Zaghloul has a very smooth voice when making his points clear! I will disagree with releasing Jim Boylen right away as Bulls Head Coach and I believe Arturas KarniĊĦovas and Marc Eversley will go through a feeling out process finding their person to lead the Team! Great Interview with Rays Radio Play-by-Play with Dave Wills was incredible and loved the points on how the Astros will be handled and loved the topics on the Fast Food Restaurants! Music was perfect covering his Segment!

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