fERA 2.0: Comparing 1980 to 2019

Jon Zaghloul

Rollie Fingers. Goose Gossage. Bruce Sutter. All three of these Hall of Fame closers are generally considered to be the pioneers of their position. They each recorded 300 saves, began their rise in the mid-1970s, and today, symbolize the gold standard of saving games.  They also accomplished feats, though, that […]

fERA: A New Way To Evaluate Closers

Jon Zaghloul

In 1959, the now-infamous Chicago Sun-Times sportswriter Jerome Holtzman examined the 18-1 record of Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher Roy Face, and declared, emphatically, that it was misleading (Posnanski “Save Rule Evolves From Stat to Game-Changer”).  Holtzman’s passion for the issue did not stop there, however. In time, he would create […]

What Does Yu Darvish Bring to the Table?

Jon Zaghloul

During the World Series last year, one in which the Chicago Cubs were unable to participate in, the Los Angeles Dodgers were vying for their first championship in over twenty-five years. Despite the team’s towering payroll, the Dodgers possessed all of the tools necessary to complete their never-ending quest. When […]

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