Bears Will Lose Out in 2018 NFL Draft

Jon Zaghloul

Following the end of the catastrophic Jay Cutler era, a near-decade in which the Chicago Bears earned a postseason berth on one occasion, the team was desperate for a permanent solution to their quarterback troubles. From a historical perspective, in the Bears ninety-five years as a franchise, the team has […]

Is Mitchell Trubisky a True Difference Maker?

Jon Zaghloul

Undoubtedly speaking, a change was needed. Mike Glennon, a career-long backup quarterback signed for over $18 million in guaranteed money, was not living up to his already minuscule expectations. Although his completion percentage and knack for managing a game was above par, his touchdown to turnover ratio was underwhelming to […]

Bears Turn to Trubisky

Following a tumultuous season in which the Bears implemented a woeful quarterback carousel, the time had come to seek out some stability at the position. Instead of retaining someone like Jay Cutler, who had been the team’s mainstay since 2009, the Bears chose to bring in some fresh faces. Inking Mike […]

Glennon Ends an Era In Bears History

Jon Zaghloul

A tumultuous and mostly forgettable Bears era has recently ended without much eventfulness, which is quite ironic considering that eight years ago, the sports media felt shell-shocked that the Chicago Bears decided to trade away their future for Jay Cutler. At the time, he had just completed the greatest season of his career, and […]

Bears Preparing for Next Season

Jon Zaghloul

It became apparent after last week’s tumultuous loss, in which Jay Cutler threw yet another interception during a last ditch game-winning drive, that the Chicago Bears are calling it quits on the 2016 season. With their top two starting quarterbacks both out for the season, coupled with crippling performance-enhancing drug […]

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