Underwhelming White Sox Not Living Up to Expectations

Jon Zaghloul

In lieu of the 2018 Major League Baseball season, times were seemingly optimistic for the Chicago White Sox faithful. Despite the PECOTA projections system estimating a measly seventy-two win season, positivity became a steadfast mantra, as fans and media members alike anxiously awaited season’s beginning. Although the team was not […]

Chances for Baseball Hall of Fame Induction

Jon Zaghloul

Following the fervor of last season, in which the BBWAA overwhelmingly selected three former baseball legends to join the likes of Ruth and Mays, this incoming 2017 National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot does not include any “sure-fire” candidates. Out of the thirty-four players eligible for induction, seven are tied […]

Renteria Ascends to Sox Managerial Position

After a successful 2012 season that saw the Chicago White Sox compete for the AL Central Division title, Robin Ventura cemented his status as a plausible managerial option. Although he possessed no prior experience in this position, fans and media alike praised his first-year efforts, and anticipated continued success in […]

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