Joe Davis Talks MLB News and More on Podcast 28

Jon Zaghloul

  Podcast Schedule! Bulls News with Mirotic Trade Talk (1:16) NBA Trade Deadline (5:46) Bears Make a Great Move With Nagy (10:45) Cubs Make a Splash, Sign Darvish (14:17) White Sox Rotation and Spring Training News (18:51) Blackhawks Need a Miracle (23:03) Joe Davis Interview (25:16) Play in new […]

Super Bowl LII Preview with Adam Schefter

Jon Zaghloul

Podcast Schedule! Recap of NFC and AFC Championship Games (1:39) Philadelphia Eagles Team Analysis (4:56) New England Patriots Team Analysis (10:06) My Pick for Super Bowl LII (18:00) Adam Schefter Interview (22:17) Play in new window | Download

Len Kasper Talks Cubs Baseball and More on Podcast 27

Jon Zaghloul

Podcast Schedule! Bears- Hiring of Matt Nagy and Josh McDaniels Rant (1:25) Bulls- Lauri Markkanen Appreciation (6:39) Sox- Arbitration News and Why Jose Abreu is Underrated (12:50) Hawks- News and NHL Competition  (17:35) My MLB Hall of Fame Ballot  (20:11) Cubs- Len Kasper (31:12) Closing Segments (50:57) Play in […]

A Loss of Integrity in Sports

Jon Zaghloul

  The concept of holding athletic competitions, in order to mesmerize countless spectators primarily, has truly transcended the nature of time. From the days in which the Ancient Greeks held the original Olympic Games with the purpose of pleasing the fictional gods they worshipped, sports and related athletic competitions have provided athletes […]

Is Mitchell Trubisky a True Difference Maker?

Jon Zaghloul

Undoubtedly speaking, a change was needed. Mike Glennon, a career-long backup quarterback signed for over $18 million in guaranteed money, was not living up to his already minuscule expectations. Although his completion percentage and knack for managing a game was above par, his touchdown to turnover ratio was underwhelming to […]

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