Another Cubs Scapegoat, Dr. Willie Wilson Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 10-26-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I explain why the Cubs’ firing of Assistant Hitting Coach Terrmel Sledge makes him the team’s newest scapegoat. I also catch up with Dr. Willie Wilson, noted businessman and philanthropist, and independent candidate for Illinois’s United States Senate seat (21:35)! We discuss why he entered the race, […]

Mark Vargas Talks Freeing Blagojevic, 2020 Election, and Career in Politics! (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 7-14-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I catch up with Mark Vargas, Republican political strategist, tech entrepreneur, and contributor to Newsmax TV and the Washington Examiner. We discuss his take on the Roger Stone commutation, and the true reasoning behind his initial prison sentence. We also talk about the 2020 Presidential Election, President […]

MLB’s New Safety Protocols, John Stossel Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 5-19-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I examine the MLB’s new safety protocols to combat the spread of COVID-19 throughout the 2020 season. Although caution is necessary, these proposed rules are simply unrealistic. Instead of drastically changing the game, while imprisoning players in the process, the MLB should not have a 2020 season, […]

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