Glennon Ends an Era In Bears History

Jon Zaghloul

A tumultuous and mostly forgettable Bears era has recently ended without much eventfulness, which is quite ironic considering that eight years ago, the sports media felt shell-shocked that the Chicago Bears decided to trade away their future for Jay Cutler. At the time, he had just completed the greatest season of his career, and […]

Bulls Must Rethink Their Winning Philosophy

Jon Zaghloul

When reflecting on the current predicaments that plague this 2016-17 Chicago Bulls team, we must realize and legitimize the fact that their downfall was not difficult to predict. On the contrary, the team’s offseason acquisitions already had raised some red flags, and when combining that with their sub-.500 performance today,  it became apparent […]

Chances for Baseball Hall of Fame Induction

Jon Zaghloul

Following the fervor of last season, in which the BBWAA overwhelmingly selected three former baseball legends to join the likes of Ruth and Mays, this incoming 2017 National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot does not include any “sure-fire” candidates. Out of the thirty-four players eligible for induction, seven are tied […]

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