Bulls Blockbuster Trade Rumors, Quentin Richardson Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 6-25-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I address the Bulls’ blockbuster trade rumor, which involves the team acquiring Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose in exchange for Thaddeus Young and Otto Porter Jr. This trade would actually make sense for the Bulls, yet the injury histories of both Griffin and Rose should warrant concern. […]

Bulls Are Still Rebuilding, Barry Zito Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 5-20-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I examine the final episode of The Last Dance, specifically, the Bulls’ never-ending rebuild that the series alluded to. Why have the Bulls been unable to adapt like other premier NBA franchises, and when can we expect the team to recreate the success of the Jordan-era? I […]

Bulls Must Rethink Their Winning Philosophy

Jon Zaghloul

When reflecting on the current predicaments that plague this 2016-17 Chicago Bulls team, we must realize and legitimize the fact that their downfall was not difficult to predict. On the contrary, the team’s offseason acquisitions already had raised some red flags, and when combining that with their sub-.500 performance today,  it became apparent […]

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