The History of Bears QBs, Anthony Scaramucci Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 6-29-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I analyze the Bears’ frequent quarterback struggles, and attempt to explain why, to this day, the team has never had a true franchise quarterback. I also catch up with Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director for President Donald Trump! We discuss his tenure in the White […]

Aaron Rodgers to Bears?, Chris Gronkowski Interview (Sports Talk Chicago / WCKG 5-21-20)

Jon Zaghloul

On today’s show, I address the rumors involving Aaron Rodgers being traded to the Bears. Believe it or not, this talk is credible, as the Packers have a history of prematurely forcing out legendary quarterbacks. I also catch up with Chris Gronkowski, former NFL fullback and inventor of Ice Shaker. […]

Glennon Ends an Era In Bears History

Jon Zaghloul

A tumultuous and mostly forgettable Bears era has recently ended without much eventfulness, which is quite ironic considering that eight years ago, the sports media felt shell-shocked that the Chicago Bears decided to trade away their future for Jay Cutler. At the time, he had just completed the greatest season of his career, and […]

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